Spring Flowers at The Club 

It is starting to look like summer here at The Club! The weather is finally warm enough for us to get all of our flowers out. With the help from Mixed Greens Nursery, we were able to start growing our flowers in January for this summer. After four and a half months we now have lovely plants throughout the property. It took a team of 12 people from The Club, Flying Horse Ranch and Mixed Greens Nursery to get all the flowers in place. We were especially grateful for the help from the young cowboys who came down from Flying Horse Ranch and brought their trailer. They also could manage more of the heavy lifting and helped our club team get the flowers where they needed to be. Flowers have been delivered to the Golf Club, Lodge, Villas and Athletic Building and they will be taken care of by our new flower care crew! Flying Horse looks fabulous and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back!