We LOVE The Club at Flying Horse, and we joined a few years ago for several reasons.  We found out that we had quite a few friends that were members of The Club, and they had numerous positive things to say about it and encouraged us to join.  At that time, however, we were members at another local gym, but we were shopping around because that gym was crowded almost all the time.  For one, it was nearly impossible to get a seat around the pool unless you got there as soon as it opened.  Additionally, it wasn’t uncommon to have to wait for weight machines to open up or for dumbbells to be put back because of the sheer number of people using them.  After fighting traffic on Powers for far too long, we no longer thought it was worth the drive.  Luckily for us, around the same time, the roads that connect the Flying Horse community to our neighborhood opened up!  The 15-20 minute commute to our old gym instantly turned into a 5 minute commute to FH, so we set up a tour of The Club almost immediately.  When walking through the fitness facilities we were shocked and thrilled to see that the weight room and cardio equipment were not jam packed.  We checked out the pool area, and again we  were amazed to see that chairs were available for use in the middle of the day.  Jen showed us around, answered our questions, and took the time to make sure we knew about all the benefits that came with our membership as well as the commitment we were making by joining the club.  We signed on the dotted line that day, and we’ve used the workout facility almost daily since then.  We are also up at The Club three times a week for the junior tennis program for our boys, and they adore their coaches, their lessons, and the opportunities they get to spend time with their friends.  We can’t say enough good things about the marvelous front desk staff, the employees that keep the facility sparkling clean, and everyone involved in the tennis program.

xoxo The McNaughtons