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A Few Words about Flying Horse from Tom Weiskopf

The Club at Flying Horse.
Bred From A Bloodline Of Champions, our golf course offers Colorado Springs something more to take pride in. Tom Weiskopf has tailored our golf course to Colorado Springs' unique terrain. Working with the natural landscape he has not only offered an exciting challenge, but a unique setting for golfers to revel in.

A Letter From The Golf Course Designer, Tom Weiskopf

My designs reflect the best of what I’ve seen in the past, as a professional golfer. I think the finest courses built since the 1930's are the ones taking shape today, the golf course at The Club at Flying Horse being an outstanding example.

I’m a traditionalist by nature, so my work at The Club at Flying Horse favors classic elements found in the game’s best courses, including false fronts, understated mounding, and doglegs right or bends left on the majority of the holes.

I also prefer having at least one reachable par 4 on all of my courses, and this golf course promises to be no exception.

The Club at Flying Horse has everything I look for in prime, course-building terrain—mature trees, natural rock formations, interesting aquatic features, and elevation changes of less than thirty-five feet—and I combined these natural elements into a classical design that the golfer should find both technically challenging and aesthetically pleasing.

The most memorable courses in the world have stood the test of time because they’re simply designed, easily maintained, and, most importantly, a joy to play.

My golf course at The Club at Flying Horse is one of those venues.

Tom Weiskopf
Winner, 15 tour titles and five international championships